If you have not found Pinterest yet then you are in for a treat.  I warn you it is addictive. If you love fashion, jewelry, magazines, home décor, arts and crafts, travelling and many other subjects then you will love looking through the Pinterest site. It is basically a huge scrapbook on the World Wide Web.  It is easy to set up an account and it's free.  Go to www.pinterest.com and set up an account. You will then see a lot of pictures on the screen and you can start pinning.  It is easier if you set up some "boards" which are basically folders of things that interest you and you want to save.  For example you might be getting married and want to save ideas for dresses, favors, hair and jewelry so you could have a folder for each one.  Pinterest is full of great ideas.  You can also pin from websites by saving the pin onto your favorites tool bar and just dragging the pin onto the picture.  It is so easy.  Hope everyone goes and has a look.  Enjoy and come back and tell me how you like it.



    In way of introduction - I am Karen Horsfield and the owner of Helen & Betty. My company is about creating on trend jewelry and accessories for all ages. I am passionate about lots of subjects so watch out this blog could get very interesting.


    October 2012